The contest portion of the Birdies for Charity program gives any 501(c)(3) organization the opportunity to grow their fundraising efforts, while offering donors a chance to win a 2 year lease on a Lexus NX; something some charities may not be able to do on their own.

The John Deere Classic tournament administers the program, invoices all donors and turns over 100% of all monies collected to each designated organization. This is made possible by John Deere’s generous promise to pay all administrative costs for the Birdies program.

Best of all, the tournament then takes its annual profits and adds a second “bonus” check of 5-10% to each organization. So, for every $1.00 pledged and collected, the charity receives between $1.05 – $1.10. Tough to find a better deal than that!

Simply guess the number of birdies you think will be scored during Wed-Sun of the John Deere Classic by PGA TOUR professionals for your chance to win a 2-year lease on a Lexus, courtesy of Smart Lexus of Quad Cities. In the event of multiple correct guesses, a random drawing reduces the number of correct guessing donors to five – with the final five having the chance to turn an ignition key themselves at a live event. One key starts the car.

What is a BIRDIE, exactly? A birdie is one stroke better than par. Par is the expected number of strokes expected on the hole.

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It is the charities responsibility to solicit pledges for their organization. Beginning in Fall 2023, charities are able to access & print official pledge forms for the 2024 season. Once printed, the charities must label each pledge form with their organization name and Bird Number (assigned at registration) prior to distributing to donors. Donors are able to send their pledge/donation directly to the Birdies for Charity office, however, if the charity receives any in their office they are asked to forward onto the BFC office. Any payments received by your office should be stapled directly to the donor’s pledge card and forward onto the BFC office.

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After the tournament, the John Deere Classic invoices each donor up to two times to collect their pledged amount.

Our fulfillment rate has been over 98% for the last five years. Once all the money is collected, the tournament delivers checks and a detailed list of donors to each charity by October 10th. The 5%-10% bonus checks are delivered at the same time.

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