We have transitioned to flat donations only. Donors still have the opportunity to guess the number of birdies to enter the contest, but the number of birdies is no longer tied to their donation. This will complete the transaction in one simple visit, and makes for fewer touch points and quicker post-tournament reconciliation. Everyone wins! Any penny pledge received will be transitioned to a flat $20 per penny pledged. Ex. .01/birdie = $20 , .02/birdie = $40, etc. 

  1. NO PLEDGE, PURCHASE OR DONATION IS REQUIRED to participate in the Birdies for Charity Contest or to become eligible to receive a prize. A pledge will not increase a participant’s likelihood of winning a prize. A participant need not be present to win.
  2. The Birdies for Charity Contest is open to all participants who are 21 years of age or older, a U.S. licensed driver, and live within or around the metropolitan area of the venue. The grand prize shall only be delivered within or around the metropolitan area in which the tournament is located. 
  3.  The contest shall be staged in compliance with all applicable federal, state and local laws and shall be void where prohibited or restricted by law. 
  4. Only one (1) Grand Prize will be awarded. The 2024 Grand Prize is a 2-year lease on a Lexus NX (approximate value $20,000). The Grand Prize will be awarded to the person who guesses exactly the number of birdies made during the John Deere Classic golf tournament. The guess may be any number. In case of ties, the Grand Prize winner will be chosen by random drawing by Tournament Officials from among those who correctly guess the exact number of birdies made. If no one guesses the exact number of birdies made, then the Grand Prize winner will be the person whose guess (either above or below the exact number of birdies made) is the closest to the actual number of birdies made during the Tournament.
  5. All ties and will be determined by a random drawing conducted by Tournament Officials, or at the discretion of Tournament Officials. The chances of winning the Grand Prize are based soley on guessing the correct number of birdies made and the actual number of participants who submit the correct guess. 
  6. The exact number of birdies made during the Tournament will include all birdies made by the PGA TOUR professionals on Wednesday during the Pro-Am event and any birdies made during Tournament playoff rounds.
  7. Should PGA TOUR or Tournament Officials cancel one or more rounds of Tournament play because of weather or other conditions, then the following number of Birdies may be added, at the discretion of tournament officials, to the regular Birdies total to determine the total number of Birdies made during the John Deere Classic:
    1. Wednesday/Pro-Am – 200
    2. Thursday/First Round – 400
    3. Friday/Second Round – 400
    4. Saturday/Third Round – 200
    5. Sunday/Final Round – 200
    6. The total so determined shall be the “Total Number of Birdies” made during the John Deere Classic for all purposes, specifically including the “Guess the Birdies Contest” and the awarding of the Grand Prize automobile.
  8. In the event of any disruption to John Deere Classic tournament play, contest, prizes and JDC benefits may be adjusted at the discretion of tournament officials. 
  9. Pledges and guesses for the Grand Prize are due by June 26, 2024.
  10. PGA TOUR officials will determine the final number of birdies made except as provided for herein.
  11. Entry form distribution will begin in April and will extend through June 26, 2024. Only guesses made on official entry forms will be eligible for prizes. Official entry forms must be obtained from participating charities, or from and must contain charity name and Bird number to be eligible. Guesses made during the online donation process are considered to be made on official entry form. 
  12. Participants are limited to no more than 10 total guesses per household. Each guess must be on a separate official entry form. If more than 10 guesses are received from any one household, only the first 10 guesses received and recorded will be eligible for prize.
  13. The Judges’ decisions and interpretations of these Rules will be final and will be made in their sole and absolute discretion. No appeal of further review will be permitted. Tournament Officials will appoint the contest Judges.
  14. Tournament Officials or others may drive the Grand Prize Car for promotional and advertising purposes.
  15. Prizes are non-transferable and may not be exchanged for cash.
  16. Depiction of Grand Prize in advertising or promotional materials may not reflect the actual vehicle delivered to the winner. Grand Prize sponsor reserves the right to substitute prizes of equal or greater value.
  17. The winner shall be required to (a) execute and notarize an affidavit of eligibility and liability/publicity release and return to the John Deere Classic/Birdies for Charity within 14 days or an alternative winner shall be selected; and (b) the winner shall be required to accept and execute a lease document, and any other documentation as may be required by Lexus for lease of the Prize Vehicle. 
  18. Grand Prize must be picked up from Smart Lexus of Quad Cities within 30 days of notification, and must present adequate personal identification and evidence of legally required insurance. Winners are responsible for all sales taxes, registration fees, license plate fees, and income taxes on all prizes, including all local, state, and federal taxes. 
  19. Grand Prize sponsor shall not be responsible for delays in delivery of the prize vehicle, and delivery is subject to availability. Grand Prize sponsor, however, shall use all reasonable efforts, subject to availability, to deliver the prize vehicle within 180 days after receipt of the prize vehicle. The winner shall bear all risk of loss or damage to the prize vehicle after it has been delivered to the specified delivery site. 
  20. Grand prize sponsor and John Deere Classic/Birdies for Charity shall not have any responsibility or liability whatsoever for any property loss, damage, personal injury, or death, in connection with the prizes provided pursuant to the contest and/or any person’s participation in the contest; provided, however, that grand prize sponsor shall be solely responsible for any express written limited warranties specifically set forth in the applicable Owner’s Guide for the prize vehicle. 
  21. The prize vehicle will be delivered solely with the express written limited warranties set forth in the prize vehicle’s applicable Owner’s Guide, which warranties shall run for the term set forth in said Guide. 
  22. Acceptance of a prize vehicle constitutes permission for John Deere Classic/Birdies for Charity and Grand Prize Sponsor to use the winner’s name, address, photograph, testimonial or other likeness and/or prize information or personal exposition (and/or any edited portion thereof) for promotional, advertising and/or publicity purposes in any media, now or hereafter known throughout the world in perpetuity, without compensation or notice to, or further consent of, to the winner to the extent permitted by law. 
  23. Directors, Officers, and Employees of the John Deere Classic, and grand prize sponsor together with their families are not eligible for the Grand Prize.
  24. Certain prizes may be limited in size and type. All prizes other than Grand Prize, if applicable, must be picked up at the John Deere Classic Tournament Office within thirty (30) days after notification of award is mailed to participant. All unclaimed prizes will be forfeited.
  25. Clear, legible handwriting is the responsibility of all participants. The Tournament shall not be responsible for any errors caused by poor penmanship.
  26. The Tournament is not responsible for any entry forms received by the Tournament after June 26, 2024. Pledges and donations will continue to be accepted for charities through July 5, 2024. Pledge forms received between June 27- July 5 will not be eligible for the contest. 
  27. These Rules may be amended without notice at any time in the sole and absolute discretion of Tournament Officials.
  28. All prizes are subject to change without notice at any time in the sole and absolute discretion of Tournament Officials.
  29. Pledges and payments without a designated charity will be applied to the Birdies for Charity Bonus Fund. All Birdies for Charity Bonus Fund dollars will be used as part of the bonus benefiting all qualified charities.
  30. Charities must be publicly supported and recognized by the IRS as a 501(C)(3) organization and verify their status with Birdies for Charity each year. Money collected for organizations without 501(c)3 Verification on file will be applied to the Bonus Fund to benefit all participating organizations. All charitable contributions must come from a designated donor and must not be part of a capital campaign.  Organizations are not allowed to make a donation on their own behalf. The Birdies for Charity program is intended to support charitable organizations, services, operations and programs. It is not intended to be used for endowment or brick and mortar charitable purposes.
  31. Grants from donor advised funds & private foundations are not eligible for JDC benefits per IRS regulations.
  32. Pledges & payments received after the John Deere Classic may be applied to the next year’s Birdies for Charity program at the discretion of Birdies for Charity officials. All payments for pledges received September 6 or later will be returned to the donor, or at their direction, will be applied to the same designated charity the next year. 
  33. Birdies for Charity administrator is:
    Birdies for Charity and John Deere Classic
    15623 Coaltown Road
    East Moline, IL 61244

    Birdies for Charity sponsor is John Deere
    One John Deere Place
    Moline, IL 61265