Getting Started

New to Birdies for Charity?

Welcome Aboard to the Quad City's favorite fundraising program!

With Birdies for Charity, 100% of your pledged funds go to your organization (as long as you are a registered 501(c)3 - we will need proof of that, by the way). Our amazing sponsor, John Deere, covers all administrative fees related to the program. In addition to that, the John Deere Classic, a 501(c)3 ourselves, works hard on and off the course to make the program a success as well by PROMISING A 5% MATCH for each participating charity!  We always try to do more than the promised 5% - and the last five years, we've been able to do a 7-10% match!

This is made possible through the Bonus Fund, which will require over $1 Million in fundraising efforts of our own in 2020 to provide the 5% match to over 500 local and regional charities. To donate to the Bonus Fund, click here (apologies for the shameless plug).

The Birdies for Charity program kicks off each April (the Monday after The Masters for you golf fans) and then, in October, we get to unveil to the community the total amount raised for the year, and each organization can get their checks at that event or receive them in the mail soon after.

So let's re-cap:

  1. No Administrative fees - you get 100% of your funds raised
  2. We provide you with all the fundraising materials (pledge forms, posters, pins, website presence)
  3. You get an additional 5% bonus match just for being in the program
  4. You get to do a happy dance in October when you receive not one, but TWO checks from Birdies for Charity & John Deere Classic

What's not to love?!

Here is how you get started:

Have you registered as a new charity, yet? If yes, move to Step Two.

Reach out to the John Deere Classic & Birdies for Charity with any question about the program OR come up with your marketing plan to get those pledges!

Come to Kickoff in April to get all your materials to start fundraising (or pick them up at one of these locations)

Get out there and raise those funds! (Make sure your Bird # assigned to your organization is present on all your fundraising materials)

All final pledges are due to our office (15623 Coaltown Rd., East Moline, IL 61244) by Friday of tournament week (July 10, 2020)

Birdies for Charity will invoice all unpaid pledges, and pledges paid to your organization must be sent to Birdies to make sure your organization gets the money it needs to do good in our community.  All payments for existing pledges received before September 30 will be included in your bonus.

Come to Check Distribution on October 30th and get BOTH of your checks!

Happy Dance! (Told ya)

If you need to print this out, click here.

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