Donor Advised Fund

If you have already benefited from the immediate tax deduction offered by a donor-advised fund (DAF), you should be aware that the Quad Cities Golf Classic Charitable Foundation is an IRS qualified public charity, EIN # 93-1332421, and is eligible to receive contributions from your gift fund. 

When you make a DAF gift, it’s possible that the sponsoring organization will not share your information with us. When recommending the grant, please let the administering foundation know that any check sent to Birdies for Charity must include the donor’s name and pledge detail with it. Please note: Grants from donor advised funds & private foundations are not eligible for JDC benefits per IRS regulations.

Please send a note to Micaela Booth (, or fill out the form below when you’ve made a recommendation so we can make sure to thank you and ensure that your gift gets to where it’s intended. 

For donations to the Bonus Fund, please list Bird #1041. If giving to multiple charities, please list Charity Name, Bird #, and amount designated to each.

Total donations of $1,500 & above are eligible for the Partner Program. The Partner Program is for those generous people (donations of $1,500 and above) who don't necessarily want to be in the contest, but still want to support their favorite charities, and the tournament. If you would like to participate in the Partner Program and accept On-Course recognition, please enter the exact name as it should be listed below. Otherwise, skip ahead.